Invoice Matching Solution

How Does Documation’s Invoice Matching Software Benefit Businesses?

Improve efficiency

Efficient working, eliminate manual invoice matching, faster processing, less storage costs and immediate access to documents, data, audit trails and information for your AP department.

Productive AP teams

Your AP team can focus on value-add such as improving supplier compliance instead of manually matching invoices and removing duplicate invoices.

No duplicate invoices

Vendor invoices are paid on time with better discount uptake, improved supplier relationships and no losses through duplicate payments

Time well-spent

Your accounts payable department can spend less time handling and chasing match exceptions, business users have easy-to-use tools to resolve problems and access to early payment discounts

Improve matching

Increase efficiency by fine tuning the matching process and pinpointing non-compliant suppliers and users

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Documation can provide a solution to almost any invoice management or document processing challenges. Contact us now to find out how our 3 Way Invoice Management Software can help streamline your purchasing department.

Introducing Our Invoice Processing System

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Automated Invoice Matching System

3 way invoice matching is a vital control for avoiding losses and unauthorised spending but it is time-consuming and costly. An accounting system such as our automated accounts payable invoice matching software is the way forward.

Documation’s automated invoice management software automatically performs invoice verification, two-way matching and three-way matching. It posts successful invoices straight to your finance system and provides the tools to deal with exceptions quickly and easily – automate the entire invoice approval process.

automated invoice matching solution

How we work

“Listen, understand, respond. These three pillars underpin our belief that the best solutions come from getting to know you, your business and your pain points. Only then will we propose a solution that best fits your needs.” John Wallace

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The Platform

Documation’s invoice management software is based on our flexible, robust, fully scalable software platform ‘Enable’. Streamline your financial and accounting systems with our Invoice Matching Software System.

Cloud Solution

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Our Testimonials

  • “The Documation team provided fantastic support before, during and after deployment. They worked well with a range of stakeholders across the Council, including our IT team and Procure to Pay teams. They understood our challenges and the scale on which we operate and were able to implement a solution which met our needs effectively as well as providing support and problem-solving at crucial points. ”

    Partick Tipton, Senior P2P Projects Officer 

  • “Documation are really approachable, even when we were working through the issues, they really listened to what we needed and worked hard to understand the process and any problems, and they have been a great partner to work with. “

    -Lesley Brown, IS Product Manager at NWG

  • “Of course, when choosing a new system, it is difficult but I absolutely love Documation, it’s a very simple tool to use, it is intuitive and the functionality was exactly what we were looking for.

    Auto matching and auto distribution are two of the most time saving functions that an AP Team could wish for”.

    -Liz Coffey – Accounts Payable Manager at Weetabix

  • We chose Documation as our AP Automation provider because they are a UK based software development company, and had an expert support team, along with powerful software that exceeded our requirements.  Documation are efficient, user friendly and always offer their help and support.

    -Rachel Heys, Accounts Payable Team at Agrovista

  • “Documation’s  experience and depth of knowledge was evident, every base had been covered, it has clearly been built by AP Professionals with an understanding of the problems that Accounts Payable face on a daily basis, and the match query solution was a clear winner!”

    -Liz Coffey Accounts Payable Manager at Weetabix

  • “One of the real key things for us was Documation’s understanding of what our requirements were which made it really easy for us to get the solution that we wanted.  They listened to our needs and offered advice and recommendations in line with our budget.”

    Kerry Bailey, Strategic P2P Manager

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  • “Documation are customer focussed and approachable.  They are well balanced between delivering a service, demonstrating their expertise whilst always listening”

    Nancy Easey, Central Finance & Project Improvement Manager

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  • “A massive thank you for all Documation have done thus far with our project. I know we aren’t the easiest client but I am genuinely excited about the system and its implementation.”

    -Ian  Westlake,  Head of Procurement

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More Questions?

Invoice automation systems can greatly improve productivity and cash flow. Both the purchase order processing and details can be simplified with a fully automated solution, using invoice matching software.

AI in accounts payable can eradicate the need for paper invoices and manual processes for your AP departments.

Documation can provide an automation solution to almost any information management or document processing challenge. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

Invoice Matching FAQs

Documation’s finance process automation solutions are a perfect fit for a range of businesses that are looking to upgrade their invoice matching process. Our touchless invoice processing systems suit:

Corporations with a national and global presence aiming to streamline invoice processes across their operations

Businesses interested in streamlining their operations by cutting down on the multitude of systems and software suppliers they currently use

✓ Companies looking for a bespoke solution configured to meet specific requirements and ability to scale accordingly

What is invoice matching?

Invoice matching involves the comparison of invoices with related purchase orders and receiving supporting documents – this process ensures that the items, quantities, and prices on the invoice align with the agreed-upon terms, reducing the chance of errors, discrepancies and potential fraudulent invoices in the payment process.

How do I match an invoice?

An invoice is received into the business in paper, email, PDF or another digital format, and will typically involve supplier details, date, (PO) purchase order details and number, invoice number, net amount, VAT amount and total amount. There are different verification and matching methods which can involve 2-way matching, 3-way matching and 4-way matching – these matching methods ensure the invoice details are the same as corresponding purchase order and GRNs. Using our invoice matching solution, can automate the whole matching process, eliminating the need for manual verification.

What is 3-Way matching?

3-way matching is a payment validation method that ensures goods are ordered, delivered as per order and invoiced as per delivered. This method entails cross-matching a purchase order (PO), goods received note (GRN), and invoice (3 ways). It validates that the GRN accurately represents delivered items corresponding to the PO, and the invoice concurs with the original order, encompassing factors like prices, quantities, and PO number.

Why is invoice matching important?

Invoice matching holds immense importance in ensuring financial accuracy within AP departments. It can help eliminate fraud, ensures accurate tracking of supplies and goods (makes it easier to track if there is a dispute), reduces costs across the procurement team and gives full visibility of the audit trail.

Can automated invoice matching reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainability?

Absolutely, automated invoice matching can aid businesses’ sustainability efforts in reducing their carbon footprint. By eliminating paper-intensive processes and streamlining operations digitally, automated invoice matching benefits the environment whilst optimising your AP department’s efficiency.

Does Documation’s automated invoice matching integrate with other finance systems?

Our platform (which can be delivered in the Cloud or On-Premise) can be fully integrated with finance systems such as: SAP, Sage, Aptos, SmartStream, Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and many more.

Will invoice matching software require human intervention?

Documation’s automated invoice management software automatically performs invoice verification, two-way matching and three-way matching with minimal to no human input. It posts successful invoices straight to your finance system and provides the tools to deal with exceptions quickly and easily.

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