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Documation can provide a solution to almost any Information management or document processing challenge. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

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The core strengths of our platform include document and email capture, high performance data capture (including OCR if needed), workflow, robotic process automation, powerful search capabilities and secure document storage. Coupled with flexible cloud or on-premise deployment, mobile access and powerful integration capabilities, these core strengths can be combined to solve information processing problems across the enterprise.

Built on our modular Enable platform, our solutions will save you time and cost while providing control, visibility and compliance for essential business processes.

These are just some of the application areas our customers benefit from:

Accounts Payable Automation Solution

As well as our class leading AP automation, Invoice matching and Purchasing solutions our solutions for Finance can help you to:

- Speed up cashflow in Accounts Receivable (AR) by issuing e-Invoices with attached proofs of delivery, automating payment chasing and answering queries quickly with instant access to copy invoices and supporting documents or PODs.

- Simplify Credit Card bill processing by automatically routing statements to the employee to authorise and code charges. Completed transactions are posted direct to your finance system, ready for payment

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Travel & Expenses

Take the chore out of Expenses with on-line claims, workflow based approval and posting direct to your Finance system. Automation speeds up the process and makes it less open to error and fraud, while online validation and authorisation ensures that business rules are observed and information is verified. No more lost or forgotten claims and less effort for the claimant, the approver and the Finance department.

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Gain instant access to HR documents 24/7 from anywhere in the business while ensuring security by using Enable to provide secure, centralised document storage and fast retrieval. Powerful access controls mean a higher level of security over paper storage options, and the risk of losing or misplacing documents is eliminated.

Replace paper forms with Enable eForms coupled and workflow to speed up HR processes including:

- Recruitment
- Employee onboarding and leaver - processing
- Employee admin – role and terms
changes, personal details
- Self-service requests – holidays,
shift applications
- etc.

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Operations and Logistics

Access documents at the touch of a button wherever and whenever they are needed. Documents such as Inventories, materials certificates, PODs can all be available on-line to answer queries quickly and provide an audit trail for compliance.
Streamline business processes such as:

- New product requests and introduction – collating information and helping you project manage across departments and teams by controlling the NPD process, issuing tasks and giving you visibility and control

- Sales order processing - regardless of whether they arrive by web, fax, post or email, Documation captures orders from all channels into one single stream. Order data is extracted and validated and the results delivered to workflow for further processing if required. Finally, the order data is transferred automatically to your CRM and sales processing systems.

Outgoing Documents

Save costs on postage and printing, deliver documents faster and gain on-line access to view documents by using Enable to send documents such as customer correspondence and sales invoicing. Creation and delivery of documents can be triggered by any system (for example, the finance system) using information collated from one or more sources.

Layout and branding can be altered based on business rules e.g. for each sales channel. Enable selects the most appropriate recipient(s) for the document, delivery is via the most appropriate route e.g. email, fax, post, SMS – and depending on criteria which can include factors such as customer preference and cost.

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Documation can provide a solution to almost any Information management or document processing challenge. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

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