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Purchase to Pay One process, one solution

Until recently, purchase to pay solutions have been regarded as the preserve of the large enterprises and global conglomerates. Now the development of the design, flexibility and scalability of solutions means that small to mid-tier businesses and services are also increasingly taking advantage of the benefit

How to Nurture a Growth Mindset Culture in the face of P2P Automation

How can a growth mindset culture affect a person, team or organisation. The mindset that an individual has, and the mindset embraced by the company, can nurture or stunt growth. If the pathway becomes set and mistakes keep being repeated, the result is a fixed mindset which affects the overall success of a an automation project. 

Accounts Payable Fraud – Detection and Prevention

We presented our webinar 'Accounts Payable Fraud – Detection and Prevention' as part of the Accounts Payable Association (APA) AP Appreciation Week's headline event a Virtual Summit on the 14th May. 

Which Tool is Best for AP Automation?

We partnered with the PPN to deliver a webinar posing the question, 'Which tool is best for AP Automation. RPA, Ai or BPM?' Find out more by listening to the webinar here.

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Robots and Ai in AP Where do I start?

Software robots alone are great at automating simple repetitive tasks, like posting simple invoice data into a finance system. But what about exceptions like coding an invoice with split tax codes, or matching a multi-line invoice to the correct receipts and orders? For that you need to introduce intelligence- artificial intelligence Mr Bond.

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Robots & AI in Financial Processes

In the last two years, the pace of change has been shaken by the arrival of robotics and artificial intelligence within financial back office processing, read our research piece to understand the true thoughts and feelings behind the arrival.

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The case for Accounts Payable automation

The current drive to boost profit and advance business through streamlining back office functions has seen focus in the Accounts Payable department look to improving control and compliance and strengthening supplier relationships.

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