Purchase to Pay One process, one solution

Purchase to Pay Automation white paper

With both the procurement and accounts payable departments concerned with improving the procurement to pay processing cycle and visibility across this cycle, as well as reducing processing costs, organisations are increasingly turning to implementation of one solution which solves these pain points better than two.
Until recently, a purchase to pay solution would have been regarded as the preserve of the large enterprises and global conglomerates. Now the development of the design, flexibility and scalability of solutions means that small to mid-tier businesses and services are also increasingly taking advantage of the benefits of efficient and automated processing, and where the procure to pay process is concerned reaping even greater rewards by implementing a single solution to manage the whole cycle of procurement (or purchase) to invoice payment – ‘P2P’

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In this white paper...

Purchase to Pay Automation – the rationale for a holistic process
• How P2P has become available to mid-tier enterprises
• Typical features of a digital automation solution
• The benefits of efficient streamlined processing in
procurement and accounts payable both individually and as a combined solution

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