Expenses Management Solution

How Can Automated Expense Management Software Benefit Businesses?

Credit Card Statement upload

Credit Card statement data from your card provider is imported into the solution and routed to the cardholders in-tray for completion.

Mobile receipt capture

Our mobile receipt solution can capture almost any paper receipt, optimise  automatically, and ensure they are digitally and securely stored for retrieval at any time.

Approval and QA workflow

All of our accounting software solutions include the same workflow options for review and approvals, and the chance for your claim to be QA checked and approved.

Multi currency & multi company

No matter where in the world you are, or which currency you’re working in, Documation captures receipts and processes expense claims with haste.

Realtime posting & retrieval integration

With our Enable platform, which already integrates with multiple finance systems around the world, we can guarantee the most up-to-date posting and retrieval of expense claims

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Documation can provide a solution to almost any information management or document processing challenge. Contact us now to find out how our expense tracking software can help.

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“Listen, understand, respond. These three pillars underpin our belief that the best solutions come from getting to know you, your business and your pain points. Only then will we propose a solution that best fits your needs.” John Wallace

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The Platform

Our Expenses Management Solution is based on our flexible, robust, fully scalable software platform ‘Enable’.

Cloud Solution

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  • “A massive thank you for all Documation have done thus far with our project. I know we aren’t the easiest client but I am genuinely excited about the system and its implementation.”

    -Ian  Westlake,  Head of Procurement

  • “Documation are customer focussed and approachable.  They are well balanced between delivering a service, demonstrating their expertise whilst always listening”

    Nancy Easey, Central Finance & Project Improvement Manager

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  • “One of the real key things for us was Documation’s understanding of what our requirements were which made it really easy for us to get the solution that we wanted.  They listened to our needs and offered advice and recommendations in line with our budget.”

    Kerry Bailey, Strategic P2P Manager

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More Questions?

Expense and accounting solutions can save a great deal of time when it comes to managing your incoming and outgoing business expenses.

At Documation, our expenses management software solution capture receipts and claims, both quickly and simply no matter where you are in the world, or what currency you’re working in.

Documation can provide a solution to almost any expense claim or credit card challenge. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

Expenses Management FAQs

Documation’s automate expense management system is a perfect fit for a range of businesses that are looking to upgrade their expense management processes. Our systems suit:

Organisations, operating on a national and international level, interested in unifying their expense management processes for greater efficiency

✓ Businesses looking to reduce the quantity of systems and software suppliers currently in use for monitoring expense claims

Accounting teams seeking a customised solution that can be adjusted to meet specific demands while remaining adaptable to future growth

What is expense management software?

Our expense management solution captures receipts and processes expense claims quickly and easily across departments, countries and continents in multiple languages and currencies. You can use it to track employee expenses claims, automatically process business expense claims, eliminating paper and leading to the removal of manual receipt entry.

What are the benefits of an expense management solution?

An expense management solution provides a range of advantages across various departments. It simplifies expense monitoring (lowering the risk of mistakes and ensuring adherence to company policies), automating tasks such as receipt capturing, approval workflows, and reimbursement, and increases efficiency for employees and management within the expense entry process.

How does the process work with your expense management system?

Implementing an automated expense management process initially starts with our Data Capture Robot which collects data and uploads to our App, the claimant fills in additional information with the help of our Robo Assistant based on your business rules and procedures. This then goes to our Quality Control Robot which checks receipts against codes, information and business rules – once checked, this will go to Approval Robot for Manager approval. After the manager has approved the expense claim, Workflow Robot sends the claim to the AP department – the AP team then approve the claim or send for referral which is auto-uploaded to ERP. Finally, the ERP integrates with payroll for employee reimbursement.

Can your software improve expense control?

Real time reporting within expense management automation means that control of spend can be reported on at any time. Internal spending policies can be embedded in the expense management software for access by the claimant – this ensures non compliant claims are impossible to make, increasing the control of employee expenditure.

Does it provide insights into employee spending patterns?

Featuring a user-friendly interface, Documation’s Expense Management Software Solution integrates machine learning and AI to optimise the handling and monitoring of employee expense  claims. Working with other accounting systems, our platform empowers the finance team with comprehensive expense information, enhancing claim transparency and enabling efficient communication of claim statuses to employees.

Does Documation’s expense management software integrate with other finance systems?

Our platform (which can be delivered in the Cloud or On-Premise) can be fully integrated with finance systems such as: SAP, Sage, Aptos, SmartStream, Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and many more.

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