Purchase to Pay Solution

How Can Procure to Pay Automation Solutions Benefit Businesses?

Save time

Time is saved when users follow the procure to pay process because requests are easy to raise, approve and monitor

Control purchases

Rogue spending of goods and services is avoided, approved suppliers are used and purchasing decisions controlled before orders are committed

Apply rules

Our procure to pay solutions (P2P software) ensures approval rules are enforced and risk areas monitored to ensure compliance

Verify and match

Invoices are easy to verify and match through the entire process. Credit notes can be requested as soon as an issue is found, offering procurement departments complete visibility and control.

Save money

Identify cost savings and discount opportunities, reduce supplier lists; analyse and improve the buying process.

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Introducing Our Purchase to Pay System

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How We Work

“Listen, understand, respond. These three pillars underpin our belief that the best solutions come from getting to know you, your business and your pain points. Only then will we propose a solution that best fits your needs.” John Wallace

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The Platform

Documation P2P solutions and systems are based on our flexible, robust, fully scalable software platform ‘Enable’ and can be integrated with other accounting systems.

Cloud Solution

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Our Testimonials

  • “The Documation team provided fantastic support before, during and after deployment. They worked well with a range of stakeholders across the Council, including our IT team and Procure to Pay teams. They understood our challenges and the scale on which we operate and were able to implement a solution which met our needs effectively as well as providing support and problem-solving at crucial points. ”

    Partick Tipton, Senior P2P Projects Officer 

  • “Documation are really approachable, even when we were working through the issues, they really listened to what we needed and worked hard to understand the process and any problems, and they have been a great partner to work with. “

    -Lesley Brown, IS Product Manager at NWG

  • “Of course, when choosing a new system, it is difficult but I absolutely love Documation, it’s a very simple tool to use, it is intuitive and the functionality was exactly what we were looking for.

    Auto matching and auto distribution are two of the most time saving functions that an AP Team could wish for”.

    -Liz Coffey – Accounts Payable Manager at Weetabix

  • We chose Documation as our AP Automation provider because they are a UK based software development company, and had an expert support team, along with powerful software that exceeded our requirements.  Documation are efficient, user friendly and always offer their help and support.

    -Rachel Heys, Accounts Payable Team at Agrovista

  • “Documation’s  experience and depth of knowledge was evident, every base had been covered, it has clearly been built by AP Professionals with an understanding of the problems that Accounts Payable face on a daily basis, and the match query solution was a clear winner!”

    -Liz Coffey Accounts Payable Manager at Weetabix

  • “One of the real key things for us was Documation’s understanding of what our requirements were which made it really easy for us to get the solution that we wanted.  They listened to our needs and offered advice and recommendations in line with our budget.”

    Kerry Bailey, Strategic P2P Manager

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  • “Documation are customer focussed and approachable.  They are well balanced between delivering a service, demonstrating their expertise whilst always listening”

    Nancy Easey, Central Finance & Project Improvement Manager

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  • “A massive thank you for all Documation have done thus far with our project. I know we aren’t the easiest client but I am genuinely excited about the system and its implementation.”

    -Ian  Westlake,  Head of Procurement

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More Questions?

Purchase requisition and order processing can be simplified with a fully automated P2P solution, and invoice matching solutions can greatly improve productivity and cash flow.

Reduce the frequency of manual tasks and focus on strategic priorities such as improving your business’ procure to pay P2P process.

Documation provide an industry-leading purchase to pay system to companies that are looking to improve procurement processes and reduce human error. Contact us for further information.

P2P Automation FAQs

Documation’s finance process automation solutions are a perfect fit for a range of businesses that are looking to upgrade their procure to pay processes. Our automated procure solutions are great for:

✓ Corporations operating on a national and international scale, looking to automate and streamline their entire procurement process

✓ Businesses seeking to enhance their requisition, purchase order and supplier management

✓ Companies searching for a tailor-made solution designed to cater to specific requirements with the capability to expand as needed

What is the difference between procure to pay and purchase to pay?

The key difference between procure to pay and purchase to pay, is that procure to pay encompasses the entire procurement process, including supplier selection and negotiations, while purchase to pay is focused specifically on the purchasing aspect of the process.

What does a purchase to pay software do?

Purchase-to-pay (P2P) software is designed to automate and streamline the entire procurement process, from requisition to payment. Some key functions are: requisition management, purchase order management, supplier management, invoice processing and reporting.

What is the difference between P2P and AP?

P2P and AP are two closely related, but distinct business processes, however P2P is a broader process that covers the entire procurement process, while AP is a more focused process that deals specifically with the processing of invoices.

Is purchase-to-pay part of the supply chain?

Yes, purchase-to-pay (P2P) is typically considered part of the supply chain process. Within the supply chain, the P2P process and procure to pay cycle typically falls under the procurement function, which is responsible for sourcing and acquiring the goods and services needed to support the organisation’s operations.

Does P2P mitigate fraud risk?

Purchase-to-pay (P2P) processes can help to mitigate fraud risk, but they do not eliminate it entirely. By introducing more rigorous controls and payment processes within supply chain management, P2P can help to reduce the likelihood of fraud occurring, as well as detecting it more quickly if it does occur.

How does P2P help with reporting KPIs?

P2P can help with KPIs such as: purchase order cycle time, invoice processing time, purchase order accuracy, invoice accuracy and spend analysis with an ERP system.

How do you implement purchase to pay?

Implementing a purchase-to-pay process typically involves several key steps including: 1) define requirements, 2) choose P2P software, 3) customise the solution, 4) train users, 5) test and deploy, 6) monitor and refine.

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