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Documation wins juicy new contract

Drinks giant Refresco is Europe’s largest dedicated juice manufacturer working for some of the biggest high street brands. Producing and bottling 650 million litres of juice each year for big names such as Del Monte, Refresco needed an AP invoicing solution to support its growing volume of invoices.

Following a competitive tender and proof of concept, Refresco chose Documation’s standard edition Invoice Management Solution (IMS) software which has recently been adopted by other major brands. The company, which had previously looked to deploy another solution, selected Documation’s Cloud solution for its ability to enable staff to work more efficiently and reduce invoice processing costs. Where AP staff would once need to check, edit and reload invoices and data received into the company’s finance system, the new solution will import invoices directly from supplier emails into the company’s ERP software, iREN, using optical character recognition (OCR). This straight-through, touch-less processing will speed up processing and reduce human error, processing costs and the administrative burden on staff.

Other benefits to Refresco include improved control and visibility and the addition of a full document workflow history and audit trail. The flexibility of Documation’s Enable platform upon which IMS sits also gives Refresco the chance to upscale and streamline business processes in other areas that are document and data-centric, at a future date. We look forward to being partners!


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