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BSI ISO27001 Audit completed following our Certification

Following our first BSI ISO27001 audit since certification last year, we are pleased to announce that once again, we were given some great feedback and our Information Management System was confirmed to meet all standards required.  This important, internationally recognized framework helps organisations manage and protect their information assets so that they and their customers remain safe and secure. In addition to proving a high standard of information security at first certification, annual audits ensure that the principle of continuous improvement, which is central to the standard, is adhered to.  

In line with our commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards, Documation have elected to have external audits conducted not annually as required by the standard, but twice per year and to have those audits conducted by BSI who have an excellent, internationally recognised reputation in this area. 

The ISO regime instils and measures security, not only for today, but also for the future. 

We know this gives our customers the extra peace of mind they require and often is required to meet their own Information Management Policies. Certification proves without doubt, that business practices are secure and safe, not just now, but into the future through an inbuilt system of reviews and action plans.  Retaining this certification ensures that our already rigorous business processes continuously improve to deal with Information Security challenges as they evolve in future.  

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