Remittance Solution with Delivery Automation

Key Benefits
Imports PDFs direct from Finance Systems

Whichever finance system you use, you will be able to automatically import PDFs

Create PDFs from Most Available Sources

Creates PDFs from Print files, Text files or Databases Integrates with 100s of finance systems

Simple Exception Handling Reduces Errors

Machine learning makes exception handling very simple, reducing time and errors

Powerful Search and Validation Tools Make Life Easy

Filter and display your results to date, supplier, etc. simply and effectively

All Your Remittances are securely archived

Don’t stress about your data with our secure archiving feature

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Remittance Delivery Solution

Documation’s Remittance solution delivers remittances to your suppliers electronically, saving costs and improving efficiency

Why Use Our Remittance Delivery Solutions?

Most of our solutions at Documation are both available as on-premise and cloud resolutions, depending on what suits you best. Time is valuable and using our remittance solution has been proven to save you lots of it when it comes to error checking and coding.

Our solutions come with integrated fraud checks and will allow you to understand our system with complete transparency, which can be enhanced by our flexible invoicing options.

Our remittance processing software is built on our Enable platform, which has already been integrated with an expansive range of finance systems. Everything is QA checked for approval before posting to the official finance systems.


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Remittances can be dealt with quickly and easily

Remittances can be imported in PDF form directly from your finance system. If your system cannot create PDFs, then remittance creation can be enabled to take remittances in print or text file format. Alternatively, a database can be used to convert the data into viewable PDFs for you.


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Digitally signed and delivered securely to suppliers

Each remittance will trigger a lookup for the supplier email address from your finance system or Documation IMS solution. The system creates and digitally signs the email, attaches the Remittance securely delivering it to your supplier. Remittances without an email address are delivered to the AP team via workflow for resolution. (Remittances with email addresses will not be held up while exceptions are resolved).

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Easily validate remittances

It’s easy to validate remittance requests with our powerful search system which allows users to display by date, supplier and a range of other filters.

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Improved document handling

There are a range of benefits associated with digitising your documentation. These include faster delivery of remittances, removal or postage and stationery costs, as well as offering a full audit trail, history and secure archiving which allows your team to easily find and re-issue remittances.

If you’re looking to send money online, this is the software solution for you.

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Improve processing accuracy

Our remittance delivery solution seamlessly integrates with a range of platforms to reduce the manual effort required when handling documentation. Automatic processes are triggered which handle the majority of remittance creations quickly and accurately. This allows your team to focus on instances that focus on resolution.

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The Platform

Our Remittance Delivery Solution is based on our flexible, robust, fully scalable software platform ‘Enable’

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More Questions?

Remittance delivery solutions can save you time and money. When you are performing money transfers online, delivery times between bank accounts is effortlessly sped up.

Our remittance solution also integrates with our Invoice Management Solution.

Documation can provide a solution to almost any financial automation challenge. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

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