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Introducing Enable v3.14

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Introducing Enable v3.14

Powerful, feature-rich and fully scalable, Enable has long been the software platform of choice for organisations wishing to automate document-intensive processes. Now, following extensive feedback from customers, Documation Software has launched a brand new upgrade packed with productivity features to help further enhance business performance. Here are five ways you’ll benefit:

New Document Management features
Enable’s new document management features include online editing for Word and Excel documents, check-out/check-in editing for any file type and version control including status and history. These enhancements are proving extremely popular with project teams working in areas as diverse as new product development, store refurbishments and capex proposals where there is a need to work from the latest document templates and collaboratively view and edit a ‘single version of the truth’. Combined with Enable Workflow, these features also help project managers track progress more effectively and bring products and services to market faster.

Attachment enhancements
These clever little enhancements are all about helping you work smarter, not harder in your day-to-day role. Providing support for any file type and more configurable security when viewing, amending and deleting files, we’ve also made it easier for Enable customers to attach multiple document types and amend and delete files.

Multi-document printing and exporting
A multi-document printing and exporting function has also been included following a customer’s request to add this as a standard tool. Enable users can now select, watermark if necessary, export and send documents to a third party. Users can also collate multiple documents via a single pdf file which can be emailed, printed or saved.

Workflow Form & Field improvements
‘Brilliant!’ That’s the feedback we had from one customer who thinks our workflow form and field improvements enhance the user experience, increase productivity and make it easier to train new users. Features include a date picker, an enhanced scroll bar and extended text editing function to make editing and viewing text easier.

Work queue / In-tray functions
Nifty advances in this area make it easier for supervisors to get a quick view of work volumes and allocate work to individuals or teams in response to changing demand. ‘I am so pleased with these changes,’ says one customer, ‘as they make managing our workload much simpler and improve productivity in the team’.

Other additions to the upgrade include an improved comments facility and role creation within Webflow. To find out more about Enable v3.14 and how it can help you streamline business-critical processes, visit or call +44(0)23 8064 7776.

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