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Documation duo complete marathon


A few months ago, we published a news update about Daniel Jeremy, Graduate Data and Testing Analyst at Documation, and his challenge to run the London Marathon 2019.  Dan’s aim was to raise £2,000 for the charity Dementia Revolution, set up to support those suffering from all forms of Dementia including Alzheimer’s.

On 28th April, Daniel completed the London Marathon 2019 in a time of 4:16:15 raising an amazing £2673.21 for charity, exceeding his fundraising goal.

Dan described his time preparing and running the marathon as:

‘’The hardest physical challenge I have put my body through so far. The mental effort it took to go out on the long training runs, week in week out, especially when the distance was regularly over 14 miles was exhausting. But it was a truly incredible experience and the atmosphere was like nothing I’ve seen before. It was all worth it in the end.’’

Although he is not signed up to anything at the moment, Dan is already considering his next challenge of attempting an Autumn half marathon.

Rory Hanley, Technical Consultant at Documation, took on a personal challenge of completing the ABP Southampton Marathon, pushing himself to complete the long-distance running event in a time of 5:17:00.

Rory described the experience as:

‘’One of the most painful yet rewarding things I’ve ever done.

I wanted to see how far I could push myself. The training, in general, was pretty brutal, constantly struggling to find the time, eat enough and eat correctly. I have always found long endurance sporting events very hard, so it was important to consistently (weekly) fit runs over ten miles into my busy diary.’’

Eager to continue his success, Rory has already booked his next marathon challenge in the New Forest in September.

Everyone in the Documation team is proud of the achievements of Rory and Daniel for completing the marathons, overcoming their struggles and continuing to test themselves in the future. We encourage and support all our team members in their outside work pursuits and it is great to hear about their successes.

Watch this space to see what else our team has been up to!

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