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Agility in the face of Covid-19

Agility in the face of Covid-19

We have been speaking to our partners (customers) during these strange times, trying to make sure we help and support them, and generally just check in with the teams that we have got to know over the years.  Contact with your own team, your partners, organisations and generally just people, is what helps us keep focused, healthy and happy whilst working in our homes.  There are many stories coming out from these communications but there was one that I wanted to share with you, one that shows great organisation agility.

This company have manufacturing plants across the world, including China.  When the Covid-19 hit China, and the resulting restrictions were put in place, they were able to move all their manufacturing to their base in Europe and continued to ship to their suppliers with minimum disruption.  When the virus continued spreading and caused the shutdown we are now experiencing in Europe, they moved manufacturing back to China and are continuing to maintain their supply chain. Being able to process all the documentation required for this kind of change in operation is testament to their team’s wealth of experience and certainly put their workflow solutions to the test.  The challenges that this presented to the back office teams were extreme, but with a flexible attitude and a stable, agile workflow solution these kind of changes can be put in place with minimum or no disruption.

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