team culture at documation

Team Culture at Documation

An important part of our team culture at Documation is mentoring, encouraging and developing new skills within our team.  We are a partner of Southampton University and attend careers fairs to raise awareness of IT skills sets required in the workplace.  Over the past 12 months, we were lucky to have worked with 4 interns from the University, from different academic years and at differing stages of their education.   Below are a few lines from each of our interns about their experiences working with us.


The passionate and positive vibes given by the entire team was a driving factor for me to do my best. The best thing about my time at Documation was that I was given a meaningful task useful for the company even though I was an intern, this proved to be a major motivating factor for me. In all, I’m glad that I got such an opportunity and got to meet such wonderful people.

Pier Paolo

Working at Documation during my last spring internship, was a great experience for me. In fact, the welcoming environment Documation offered, enabled me to express myself at my best since the very first day. As part of this experience, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which I think will be a valuable skill to know for my future.


I thoroughly enjoyed the eight weeks I spent at Documation as a software intern. From the day I started, I was welcomed with an extremely friendly and relaxing atmosphere, with people who were motivated by their work but also cared about each other. The internship improved my ability to code, both in the way I approached problems and the structure of my code, and made me a more confident programmer, with plenty of people around who were happy to help and genuinely interested in how I was getting on

What stands out from all these testimonials is the feeling of inclusion, and that the projects they were working on had some commercial benefit and were ‘useful’ to the business.   We are proud our team culture is inclusive and promotes a productive attitude, and continue to encourage and develop a growth mindset.

Find out more about Documation and its team culture here and get in touch if you would like to work for a progressive, innovative and inclusive company that prides itself on its growth mindset.

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Julia Stovold

Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, my role is to ensure our unique company ethos is present in all our marketing activities and find new opportunities to help us grow. With a deep understanding of finance process automation, I work with our delivery team to ensure that the pain points of our customers are fully understood, so that we can tailor our systems to your needs.

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