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The Documation Team Survive Houdini’s Escape Rooms


Some members of the Documation team went up against the UK’s number one live Escape Rooms, Houdini’s, in Southampton. Split into two teams they tried to beat the clock, solve the puzzles and complete the technical challenges in order to break out of themed rooms within a one-hour time limit.

Daniel Plumbley (Support Analyst), Rory Hanley (Technical Consultant), Kevin Jackson (Senior Test Engineer) and Ben Jones (Graduate Software Tester) used their problem-solving expertise to evade execution and escape from the legendary Alcatraz prison, joining the 21% of people who have managed to successfully survive the scenario.

Whilst, Chris Walker (Technical Process Administrator), Nick White (Senior Solutions Consultant), Dean Young (Technical Product Manager) and Greg Matthews (Senior Support Analyst) used teamwork to solve a number of tasks and follow clues to escape peril on board the Titanic, joining the 35% of survivors able to successfully navigate their way to safety.

Overall, it was a great experience and the team all enjoyed overcoming the challenging rooms.

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