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Transform Your Finance Processes with Documation

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing and production, your document processing needs to keep up. Our finance process solutions are purpose-built to tackle the specific challenges faced by the industry, aiming to streamline your financial operations, reduce costs, eliminate errors and boost productivity within your finance department. Learn how our ‘Enable’ platform can smoothly integrate with your existing ERP and finance systems, turning time-consuming manual tasks into efficient, automated workflows.

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Finance Process Automation Solutions for the Manufacturing Sector

Streamline your organisation’s financial operations with advanced automation solutions that integrate machine learning and AI technologies. Designed to improve efficiency and identify key areas for improvement within your existing processes, our solutions deliver precise reporting on performance metrics and real-time data crucial for effective financial management in a dynamic manufacturing environment.

With our mobile approver app, custom dashboards and Power Bi suites, team members can approve transactions and processes on the go, take reports in-house and have complete visibility of their workflows. As an ISO 27001 certified provider with regular BSI audits, we ensure your data and systems are secure, whether deployed on-premise or hosted in the cloud.

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AP Automation

Are payment delays disrupting your production schedules? Our AP automation solution tackles these challenges head-on in the manufacturing sector, streamlining high-volume and complex payment processes. This reduces manual errors and speeds up payments, ensuring timely vendor payments and uninterrupted production.

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Invoice Matching

Tired of invoice discrepancies slowing down your supply chain? Our invoice matching solution automates the alignment of invoices with delivery notes and purchase orders, greatly reducing processing times and improving accuracy – this keeps your supply chain running smoothly and production on schedule.

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P2P Automation

Frustrated by slow procurement processes that delay your production? Our P2P automation solution improves procurement efficiency from order to payment, ensuring compliance and quick turnaround times. It’s essential for keeping pace in the demanding manufacturing industry, where any delay can disrupt production lines.

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Expenses Management

Struggling to control escalating operational and travel expenses? Our expenses management solution automates and simplifies the monitoring of expenses, ensuring compliance with financial policies and integration with existing financial systems – gain a clear view of expenditures to manage budgets effectively and avoid cost overruns.

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Remittance Delivery

Concerned about the security and efficiency of your remittance processes? Our remittance delivery solution ensures that payment notifications are sent and recorded accurately in your financial systems, improving the transparency of transactions and building trust with your suppliers and service providers.

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Statement Reconciliation

Need to speed up your month-end close but overwhelmed by the volume of transactions? Our automated statement reconciliation system is tailored for manufacturing businesses dealing with numerous transactions, reducing errors and saving valuable time by quickly aligning bank statements with entries in your financial records.

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Key Benefits From Our FPA Solutions For The Manufacturing Sector

Eliminate paper trails

Transform your manufacturing documentation practices! Remove reliance on paper, reduce printing costs and free up space in your production areas with our advanced automation software.

Apply rules and policies

Our automation software ensures that approval rules are rigorously applied and risk areas are closely monitored, maintaining compliance across your manufacturing processes.

Reduce costs

Our solutions help manufacturing companies identify cost savings and discount opportunities, reduce supplier lists; analyse and improve the buying process and workflow.

Save time and resources

Save time and improve workflow efficiency in your manufacturing operations – our automation solutions makes it easy to raise, approve and monitor requests, streamlining every step of the process.

Eliminate duplicates

Automatically identify and decline duplicate transactions while optimising opportunities for early payment discounts. Our systems ensure timely settlements, helping you maintain favourable terms with suppliers and reduce costs.


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“Documation’s  experience and depth of knowledge was evident, every base had been covered, it has clearly been built by AP Professionals with an understanding of the problems that Accounts Payable face on a daily basis, and the match query solution was a clear winner!”

Liz Coffey, Accounts Payable Manager – Weetabix


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Streamline Your Finance Processes

Take the next step towards optimising your organisation’s finance processes with our advanced automation solutions. Whether you’re aiming to cut costs, increase workflow efficiency or improve financial accuracy, our platform has been designed to help you reach your objectives.

With a commitment to building long-lasting partnerships, we take pride in being a knowledgeable, dedicated and highly organised team that’s excellent to work with. Documation can tackle virtually any challenge related to information management or document processing in the manufacturing sector, so contact our Listening Team or book a workshop to discover how our solutions can streamline your operations and effectively address your specific pain points.


Can your solutions integrate with existing ERP systems commonly used in manufacturing?

Yes, our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of ERP systems commonly used in the manufacturing sector, such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics. This integration ensures that data flows smoothly across all systems, improving the reliability of financial data and the efficiency of operations.

What kind of support do you offer during and after implementation?

We provide comprehensive customer service from the initial setup to ongoing support – we have a support team, in-house developers and dedicated account managers that are with you every step of the way. Our industry-leading team offers training, troubleshooting and technical assistance to ensure you maximise the benefits of our automation solutions.

How does finance process automation benefit manufacturing companies?

Finance process automation streamlines all financial operations, from procurement to payment and reporting. It reduces manual labour, minimises errors, speeds up transaction processing and improves compliance with regulatory standards. This results in cost savings, more efficient resource use and enhanced data accuracy, which are crucial for maintaining competitive edge in the manufacturing industry.

What security measures are in place to protect financial data in your systems?

As an ISO 27001 certified provider, we uphold the highest standards of data security. Regular audits by the BSI ensure our systems and processes meet rigorous security criteria, protecting your sensitive information against threats.

How do your solutions handle compliance with industry-specific regulations?

Our solutions are designed to help manufacturing companies comply with a variety of financial and industry-specific regulations. We continuously update our systems to reflect the latest regulatory changes and include features that enforce compliance, such as audit trails, compliance checks and report generation.