… across department and industry, integrating with any business system

Documation’s solutions are built on the Enable platform – powerful, modular software providing the components to build a flexible document management and workflow solution to automate any document-centred process.

Any department … Enable encompasses a number of standard departmental solutions including Accounts Payable, Digital Mailroom and Archive, Human Resources, Procurement and Customer Services, while retaining the flexibility to tailor solutions to meet requirements in any business area.

Across markets and industry … We supply document management and workflow software solutions across markets and industry, but have also built up experience and expertise in supplying to a number of focused industry groups, developing proven and innovative solutions and advising on best practice.

Connected to your world … Solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with any line of business system, ERP, HR or CRM application, so you can access your documents and deliver information to where you want when you want.

Documation has a portfolio of standard solution templates for common business processes. This means that our customers benefit from our experience, best practice, reduced costs and fast implementation times while we retain the flexibility to tailor key aspects to specific business requirements.