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Global firm gets productivity and performance boost

Online retailer ASOS may have coined the phrase ‘as seen on screen’, but for one international electronics firm the term has changed the way they work.

The specialist electronics company, which receives hundreds of delivery notes each week for the components used in the systems it manufactures, needed a better, faster way to process, store and retrieve these vital documents. Under the old system, countless hours were being wasted on outdated manual tasks. Far more than proof of delivery, the delivery notes also act as evidence of compliance, and notes relating to parts used within the systems have to be sent to clients in high-reliability industries such as aviation as an assurance of quality (CFC Certificates). Sifting through paper records to find all the relevant documentation was consuming four of five team members’ time.

To improve processes, Documation provided a cloud-based automated solution that enables staff to simply and accurately capture, store, retrieve and view the notes instantly on-screen. Where once staff would manually record and file delivery notes, these are now digitally ‘read’ and entered onto the system using optical character recognition (OCR), a method in which scanned images are converted to text. Delivery notes for compliance requests can also now be collated and exported as multiple documents to clients digitally within seconds, removing the need to laboriously retrieve, copy and send paper notes via post. The time saved in handling compliance requests enables staff to be deployed on more valuable and enjoyable company tasks.

Other benefits of the new system include improved control and visibility of work processes and faster throughput, enabling the company to stay competitive and meet their KPIs. Staff are also able to resolve queries quickly and improve client relationships, as well as better meet compliance requirements and avoid the many risks such as fire or theft attached to keeping physical files.


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