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Streamline Your Logistics Operations with Documation

The logistics and transportation world moves fast, and so should your document processing. Our finance process solutions have been built specifically for industry-related pain points, designed to simplify your finance management operations, cut costs and improve efficiency. Explore how our ‘Enable’ platform integrates smoothly with your current ERP, finance or business systems, turning manual tasks into streamlined workflows.


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Finance Process Automation Solutions for the T&L Industry

Our solutions incorporate advanced machine learning and AI technologies designed to improve automation within the logistics sector and pinpoint areas for operational improvement. They provide detailed reporting on KPIs and deliver real-time information, which is essential for dynamic logistics management.

With our mobile approver app, team members can approve transactions and processes on the go, ensuring that your operations never slow down, even while on the move. As an ISO 27001 certified company, regularly audited by the BSI every six months, we guarantee the security of your data and systems, giving you peace of mind whether your solutions are cloud-hosted or on-premise.

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AP Automation

Eliminate bottlenecks in your payment cycle. Our AP automation solution is designed to handle the high volume and complexity of logistics operations, reducing manual entry errors and accelerating the payment process to ensure timely vendor payments and maintain strong supplier relationships.

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Invoice Matching

Cut through the clutter of transportation invoices. Our invoice matching solution automates the matching of freight invoices against shipment records and purchase orders, significantly decreasing processing times and increasing accuracy, which is critical for keeping your supply chain moving smoothly.

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P2P Automation

Improve the efficiency of your procurement cycle from order to payment. Our P2P automation solution streamlines the procurement process, ensuring compliance and quicker turnaround times that are essential in the fast-paced logistics environment.

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Expenses Management

Simplify the way your logistics company manages travel and operational expenses. Our automated expenses solution enforces policy compliance and integrates with financial systems to give you a clear view of expenditures, helping you control costs effectively and avoid budget overruns.

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Remittance Delivery

Secure and efficient remittance processing is key in logistics. Our remittance delivery solution ensures that all payment notifications are automatically sent and recorded accurately in your financial systems, improving the transparency of transactions and building trust with your carriers and suppliers.

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Statement Reconciliation

Speed up month-end close with our automated statement reconciliation. Specifically useful for logistics businesses dealing with a multitude of transactions, our system reduces reconciliation errors and saves valuable time by aligning bank statements with entries in your financial records quickly.

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Results You Can Expect to See From Our FPA Solutions

No more paper trail

Modernise warehouse documentation practices! Remove paper processes, slash printing expenditure and maximise space in distribution centres with our software

Eliminate duplicates

Automatically identify and decline duplicates, all while optimising opportunities for early payment discounts from suppliers by ensuring timely settlements

Faster processing

Achieve touchless end-to-end processing for most invoices. Identify exceptions for resolution by your AP team, ensuring streamlined operations in logistics and transportation

Increased visibility

Obtain the capabilities to swiftly, seamlessly and transparently ensure accurate allocation and endorsement of expenses according to logistics and transportation business guidelines

Free your AP team

Accelerate processing times and free up your Accounts Payable team from data entry and labour-intensive inquiries through supplier self-service features tailored for the T&L industry



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“We reviewed a number of potential suppliers as we wanted to select a best-in-class product provided by committed supplier. Documation stood out from the start with an excellent P2P solution but also the confidence and experience to deliver what we needed. As such Documation were an excellent choice.”

Craig Tellwright, Head of Financial Services – Yusens Logistics (UK)


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Ready to Transform Your Logistics Operations?

Take the next step towards optimising your transportation and logistics processes with our advanced finance process automation solutions. Whether you’re looking to reduce costs, streamline operations or improve accuracy, our platform is ready to help you achieve your goals.

With a passion for building long-term partnerships with our partners, we pride ourselves on being experienced, smart, dedicated, organised and very good to work with. Documation can provide a solution to almost any information management or document processing challenge – contact our Listening Team or book a workshop to find out how our systems can help your processes and address your pain points.



How do your solutions integrate with existing logistics systems?

Our solutions have been designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of ERP and logistics management systems, including Oracle EBusiness, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and more.Our consultants and support team ensure that our technology complements your existing infrastructure, improving capabilities without disrupting ongoing operations.

Can your automation solutions handle the scalability needs of a growing logistics company?

We know the importance of having a system that grows with your business, which is why our platforms are built to do exactly that. Whether you’re expanding your fleet, entering new markets or increasing your service offerings, our solutions adapt to your growing operational demands.

What measures do you take to ensure data security, especially with sensitive logistics information?

As an ISO 27001 certified provider, we uphold the highest standards of data security. Regular audits by the BSI ensure our systems and processes meet rigorous security criteria, protecting your sensitive information against threats.

How can your technology improve efficiency in logistics operations?

By automating key procurement processes such as invoice matching, P2P and payment reconciliation, our solutions reduce manual labour, minimise errors and speed up operations, allowing your AP team to focus on more strategic activities.

What support do you offer for implementing and using your automation solutions?

We provide comprehensive customer service from the initial setup to ongoing support – we have a support team, in-house developers and dedicated account managers that are with you every step of the way. Our industry-leading team offers training, troubleshooting and technical assistance to ensure you maximise the benefits of our automation solutions.

Can I see your solutions in action before making a decision?

Unlike other solution providers, we think your time is too important to waste watching a pre-recorded demo that doesn’t address your specific pain points. Our Listening Team follow a step-by-step approach that ensures we fully understand the issues you’re experiencing and show you how our range of solutions can solve these industry-specific pain points. We really listen, and spend time defining exactly what you are looking to automate!