Integration with business systems

Documation’s solutions are built on the software platform Enable which provides the components to automate any document intensive process.

Solutions are designed to integrate with any line of business system, ERP, HR or CRM application.

Seamless data exchange

Information extracted from documents or created during workflow can be automatically interfaced to line of business applications, increasing speed of business processing and improving information accuracy.


Solutions can also use data from line of business systems during workflow processing to help validate information or display details required for processing.


With Ultralink, team members can transfer information between systems, retrieve documents and start workflow directly from other business systems, eliminating the need to open a new system or search around in files.

And Ultralink works without the need to write software or involve your IT team.

Whatever your line of business system …

Contact us for more information about how Enable can integrate to streamline your business system.

Examples of some of the many systems with which we integrate

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