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Who we are

Documation develops and supplies document management and workflow solutions across industries and business sectors, to clients in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Our software can automate any document-centric process, integrate with any ERP, CRM, or line of business system, and creates safe, secure, compliant storage and access to your documents 24/7 from anywhere in the business, and dependent on business requirements by customers, suppliers, partners, and the general public.

Flexible, modular software – organisations can invest in department solutions as and when they need.

Partnership with our customers

Developing a partnership with customers lies at the heart of the way we work. We prioritise the time to understand clients’ business drivers and requirements, and clients have the confidence in knowing that they are investing in 20 years’ experience of delivering innovative and proven, compliant solutions, building on best practice.


Fast and agile

Documation’s agile approach means you can react to change fast.

An account manager will discuss your requirements in detail and a consultant outline the solution. Rapid prototyping means you see the proposed solution early in the process to ensure it fits with your vision.

With the design finalised, Documation tests the solution, delivers the software and provides comprehensive training to help you transition your business processes smoothly and efficiently.

Skills and experience

Our business consultants have built up a wealth of experience to be able to provide best practice advice and innovative design to ensure a solution that best meets your business needs.

As a company we remain dedicated to employing staff of the highest quality, and to keeping staff turnover low so that you can rely on the skills and stability of a team which knows your system and the way you prefer to work.

Flexible deployment

Documation’s solutions can be deployed on-premise or hosted in the cloud, giving you the flexibility to meet strategic objectives.

In the cloud: rapid deployment, no hardware to purchase or manage, access on-line from anywhere – with cloud deployment, Documation manages the servers and the software, and you access your Documation solution through a secure on-line website.

Download the Cloud Deployment datasheet

On-premise: Documation installs the solution on to servers supplied by the customer, Documation’s helpdesk team provides support for the software, while the customer supports the infrastructure.



Documation’s support package is offered to all customers, giving access to our dedicated helpdesk team should an issue arise.

A key company strength lies in Documation’s sales, development, project management and support teams working together under one roof – everyone who has had input into your solution instantly available.

Return on investment (ROI)

In a competitive and cost-sensitive world, a solution must deliver tangible benefits.

A Documation account manager can work with you on a cost justification exercise to calculate whether implementing a solution will deliver a return on investment – identifying the cost of existing processing, reviewing alternative processes based on your ideas and our experience, and evaluating relative costs and feasibility.

Our customers include: