Earth Day

Documation embark on Net Zero Journey

Documation announce pledge to become Net Zero by 2030

In recognition of the 52nd Earth Day, Documation has announced it pledge to become Net Zero by 2030.  We have teamed up with Tech Zero, the climate action group for tech companies of all sizes committed to fighting the climate crisis, and have already completed 4 major actions as part of the commitment.

We have been joined by Augustus Stovold, an intern from the University of Exeter, who has experience helping other companies achieve a net zero status.  He has implemented a ‘green channel’ for all the Documation team to get involved by sharing tips, and actions they are taking at home and at work.  So far, discussions have been around energy suppliers, (a hot topic currently), recycling and local ‘giveaway sites’ to mitigate landfill and encourage the ‘Repair Re-use Recycle’ mindset.

He has completed Documation’s base line measurements for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and sent off the results to our chosen Carbon Verification body, and has started work on company policies for travel and expenses.

We have a sustainability page on our website where we will be sharing the details of our net zero journey and will link to our emissions report, offsetting actions, and measures taken to actively reduce our footprint, minimising our need to offset.

We hope our customers will benefit too, by being able to list us a sustainable solution provider, with a carbon neutral footprint. We will continue to look for ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and ensure that we continue to communicate the actions we take to achieve this.

If you would like more information about our Net Zero Journey, or would like to find out how you can get involved, get in touch with our sustainability team

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