redbridge community school document management solution

Document Management Solution

Redbridge Community School implements Documation’s document management solution for storing, retrieving and archiving student files in line with Government guidelines.

Redbridge Community School is a thriving, ambitious and forward thinking secondary school based on four key values of Aspiration, Respect, Opportunity and Excellence.  Based in Southampton with over 1,000 students the school is housed in a state of the art modern build with excellent ICT facilities and some of the best sporting facilities in the area. Visitors regularly comment on the “vibe” and the “positive ethos”. The culture is highly infectious and is also evidence of the continuous drive to be the best they can be.

Each year Redbridge Community School (RCS) receive paper files for each student that are sent from the feeding Primary schools. These files follow the students during their time at school and are then archived as they need to be held for 7 years from the student leave date. Currently this information is kept in filing cabinets but is often needed to be referred to for current and previous students by Heads of Year and SENCOs.   Physical documents have to be manually located and taken outside of main office making access to, and tracking of, documents difficult and time consuming for SMT, teaching and support staff.

RCS looked to find a solution to digitise these documents so they can promote paperless working, freeing up essential office space and improve document sharing, access and visibility through secure self service digital retrieval. This in turn avoids the risks of documents being mislaid, lost or damaged and reduces time taken for filing and retrieval.

Documation’s cloud hosted document management solution enables data capture through scanning.  Documents are sent as pdfs, indexed and filed in a structured data file system.  This allows simple retrieval of documents for review, and provides a full visibility of document audit and history and automated document retention in line with government policy for 7 years from student leave date.

Jason Ashley, Headteacher said;

Over the last few years we have wanted to digitise and place our student files in a safe online space. Given the requirement to hold files for 7 years, placing these in an online ‘vault’ will allow us further security and an efficient 21st Century solution with quick access, when required. We believe that Documation is the market leader, offering innovative solutions, which meet our needs. We are excited to be working with them

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