E-invoicing? We already do this don’t we?

According to a Billentis report in 2017, 90% of invoices worldwide are still processed manually. Even where organisations have made progress by receiving invoices as pdf email attachments to reduce paper and processing times, it is not without issues. Read our blog to discover what a real e-invoice is and why it should be on your automation roadmap

Automation in Human Resources

‘The future of work is digital’ This is a statement we have all seen over and over again in the past few years. But what does it actually mean and how does it relate to you in your organisation? This blog concentrates on automation within Human Resources. A department notoriously bogged down by mundane, repetitive tasks, under pressure to perform, and seen as a cost centre to the business.

Robotic Process Automation Drivers and Scalability

The drivers for for RPA are changing. In 2016/17 the main perceived benefit was cost reduction, with significant ROI being made due to the fast implementation of RPA. However, following the survey of more than 500 people from global organisations it has become apparent that this priority has shifted.

Which tool is best for AP automation, RPA, AI or BPM

BPM is brilliant at transformation and exception handling that requires people, RPA is fantastic tool for automation of tasks, brings fast improvements and freeing up people to do more valuable work… And AI is the intelligence embedded in both that ensures maximum value…but which is best for you?

What makes an automation project a success?

Following the release of the 4th episode of our podcast, this blog discusses what makes an automation project successful and you measure it's success. Gary Feary from Grafton and John Wallace from Documation both give their views.

Partners not Customers

When we say partners, we are actually referring to our customers.  Because that’s how we see all our customers, as partners.   We are together, through the good times and the more tricky ones too, helping to achieve project goals together, and once achieved, maintaining the partnership through training and the ongoing support program.

Guilty of Late Payments?

The government has decided to get tough and is leading the way with a new prompt payment initiative that will ensure that all government suppliers and subcontractors get paid on time.  Failure of companies to show that they pay their suppliers promptly could stop them from winning government contracts in future.  But will this influence large businesses to follow suit?

Robotics, Ai and RPA all sound great – but what about me and my job?

Automation has been implemented to take over the repetitive tasks in many large businesses but what about Ai  and machine learning, robotics and RPA?  These buzzwords are banded around like wildfire but what do they mean for the finance team?

Will Robots and AI Spell the End of Accounts Payable?

AI and robotics are becoming ever more prevalent in business, over 70% of business leaders said they plan to invest more in the implementation and development of RPA in 2018.

11 Ways To Improve Accounts Payable Process With AP Automation

Wondering if Accounts Payable Automation is for you? Here are 11 different ways that automating the process through AP Automation software can help you.

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