RPA Discovery Workshop

Come along to this morning session and learn about

Robotic Process Automation.

Jointly hosted by Documation and UiPath, we will give an overview of the technology, and show how it can be used to improve processes.

We will show you 'real life' use cases that have had a huge impact on efficiencies and costs, and then help you work out where RPA can fit in your organisation.


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If a process is repetitive, rule based and mundane, it's a job for a robot!

See how RPA can free up your team to do more meaningful and productive work

Topics Covered


Introducing RPA

What robotic process automation is, where it started and why its growing.


The RPA Journey

Find out what the RPA path looks like from kick-off through to rollout.



Demos of software robots performing repetitive tasks alongside a human doing the same. 15x faster - No errors!


Case Studies

Learn about real life use cases where huge impacts have been made on efficiency and cost.


Breakout Sessions

Share details of a process/processes that are rule based, repetitive and mundane and work with the experts from UiPath to find out if they are suitable for automation