Credit Card Statements

Enable provides the solution for employee credit card statement processing, improving cost control and streamlining the coding and authorisation process.

Electronic credit card statements are converted to virtual invoices, similar to EDI invoices, and automatically sent to the employee to review, authorise and code charges. When authorised, the Documation solution posts to the finance system, ready for payment.

The solution includes a report viewing tool and set of reports to provide an instant online snapshot of the expense status of your staff and departments, and full history and audit trails.



Automating credit card processing means a faster payment cycle, and enhanced control and compliance.

Key benefits of credit card statement processing software

  • Reduced employee input time
  • Greater accuracy with validated coding
  • Early payment bonus take-up
  • Improved reporting and BI (business intelligence) information
  • No expensive hard-copy storage.
Credit Card Statement processing – full solution details
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