Document Management

Documation software has the flexibility and scalability to automate any document-centric process.

Solutions are designed to facilitate fast, efficient, straight-through processing for as many documents as possible and streamlined processing for exceptions, enabling all document types – regardless of origin – to be processed within the same system.

Automating helps clients improve efficiency, enhance visibility and control – and saves time and cost.

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Document Management and Workflow

Document Management (DM) supports the capture, management, sharing, storage and retrieval of documents in any area of an organisation, giving fast, secure access to all documents where they’re needed, when they’re needed.

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Digital Mailroom

With Digital Mailroom, capture every inbound document – whether in paper, email, or electronic form – extract meaningful information and route to the relevant individual or  business process.

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Outgoing Documents

Outgoing Documents automatically creates and delivers outbound documents, enabling fast, efficient outbound communication for any business or service department.

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