Purchase to Pay (P2P)

Straight-through, streamlined purchase to pay processing

Digital purchase to pay enables organisations to:

  • streamline purchase selection, ordering and receipting
  • automate invoice matching and posting to finance systems.

Simplifying processing while providing control and visibility, digital P2P incorporates tools to enforce buying policy and approve spend as well as comprehensive invoice matching and match query workflow to create an integrated, fast, cost efficient procure to pay process.




A simple to use, intuitive, browser-based purchase request and order system, digital procure to pay streamlines purchase processing, reduces costs and improves control.

The solution simplifies processing for the procurement and finance teams, as well as across the organisation. Online purchase request is intuitive and easy, populating fields with defaults and suggestions, and through provision of a simple to use receipt booking process.

Authorisation criteria defined according to individual organisation, rules and a comprehensive audit trail ensure control across the process.

Automated AP processing 

The P2P solution automates the Accounts Payable (AP) process, capturing supplier e-invoices and incorporating automatic data capture.

Powerful automated matching and online query resolution create fast, efficient straight-through, paperless processing.

Modular software

Documation’s solutions are built on flexible, modular software to enable clients to extend the benefits of streamlined and automated processing to further business areas as processing and organisational requirements develop.

Digital P2P processing – full solution details

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