Documation’s solutions are built on the software platform Enable which provides the components to automate any document intensive process.

Online, form-based documents

Enable’s eForms is a powerful, web-based facility enabling users to create online, form-based documents, and to receive fully validated and accurate data for instant processing.



eForms can be as simple or as complex as the information required, for completion within or from outside an organisation – by customers, suppliers, employees, business partners, or the general public.

  • eForms can be accessed via a portal or as part of workflow.
  • Online validation, prompts and controlled options (drop-down lists, tick boxes, field format rules) and integration with other systems mean greater data accuracy, improved data relevance and reduced input time.
  • Data is available instantly for intelligent routing, workflow and onward processing.
  • Forms can be linked to other documents, with supporting documents attached if required, and passed to line of business systems with full audit history.

eForms eliminate the drawbacks associated with paper forms – cost, inflexibility, delay, and having to process incomplete, illegible returns, inaccurate and un-validated data.

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