Document storage

Documation’s solutions are built on the software platform Enable which provides the components to automate any document intensive process.

A single version of the truth

Enable provides document access to authorised users, 24/7 from anywhere in the business, and with Enable documents are held centrally and safely, securely and in compliant form.

BIP 0008



Published by the British Standards Institute, this UK Code of Practice provides regulation for the legal admissibility of information stored electronically.

BIP 0008 describes the procedures to be used throughout the lifetime of a document, and which can be used in a court of law to demonstrate that a document retrieved from electronic storage is an authentic reproduction of the original.

Storage tailored to business rules

Content storage is tailored to meet business need and rules, with documents from any source collated by customer, supplier, case or other reference as required for the business process.


At end-of-life, documents can be archived safely and securely, to meet business retention policies and procedures.

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