Document and Data Capture

Documation’s solutions are built on the software platform Enable which provides the components to automate any document intensive process.

Document capture

Enable can capture any type of document regardless of format and from anywhere in the business. Stored centrally in one system, it’s easy to collate associated and supporting documents.


Providing fast, efficient conversion from paper to electronic form, Enable’s scan component captures physical format documents, from paper to photo. Capture is via dedicated scanners or multi-function devices at a central location or at point of entry to the business, whatever the department or geographical location.

Enable captures and indexes emails and attachments in high volume from mailboxes or in selection individually.

Captured emails are retrievable online and can be incorporated into workflow – for automated invoice or correspondence management, for example.

Enable can also capture faxed documents, including via software such as RightFax.

The Enable electronic document filing (EDF) component provides the capability to save and store electronic documents at your desktop – MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, for example – alongside other document types (email, paper, fax).

Enable import collects, indexes and stores documents generated by other software – such as your finance, CRM or HR systems – as well as documents received from third parties.

Enable can capture, validate and process e-invoices, and deliver them straight into your finance system or into Documation’s Accounts Payable solution for authorization or matching.

Data capture

Enable’s data capture component performs fast, efficient extraction of the valuable information in captured documents.

Data capture employs validation and compliance rules so that documents are accessible for retrieval, and identified for workflow processing or delivery into core business applications.

Data capture and workflow

Data capture with workflow streamlines processing by automating the extraction of basic information (such as customer or reference number, document type), and routes the document and/or relevant information to the appropriate individual, team or system – saving time and cost.

Enable can capture information from emails, e-invoices, Word documents, spreadsheets or any other electronic source, often eliminating the need for any manual intervention. Enable also captures information automatically from document barcodes.

OCR can capture information from structured documents (application forms, Direct Debit forms, etc), from semi-structured (supplier invoices, sales orders, etc), and unstructured input (correspondence, customer comments, etc). Regardless of format, OCR can speed up the capture and processing of any incoming document.

For business processes where manual intervention is required, the Enable platform includes easy to use but powerful input tools. Aids such as keyword selection, folder search and Enable’s coding assistant make the process as simple and efficient as possible for the user and promote input accuracy.

Information captured in Enable can be validated according to business rules and range from simple numeric range checks and application of format masks to endorsement against data from other applications, such as CRM or finance systems, ensuring data accuracy and reducing downstream processing error.

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