Operations & Logistics

Documation’s solution creates a central repository for operations and logistics documents. With access at the touch of a button wherever and whenever they’re needed, documents are available 24/7 to support the business of your organisation.

Operations & Logistics

New products and services

The Operations & Logistics solution manages new product and service requests across department – purchasing, manufacturing, customer services, packaging, logistics, finance, marketing, legal.

The solution is designed to ensure that steps are actioned in sequence and all relevant information captured, that approval rules are followed, and same document visibility is maintained across the organisation.

POD (proof of delivery) and invoicing 

Paper PODs are scanned or captured from email, and workflow automatically triggered.

Invoices are created, styled to business rules, and delivered via eInvoicing, email or post.

PODs, invoices and supporting documents remain available on-line to answer payment queries.

Multi-channel sales order processing

Regardless of whether they arrive by web, fax, post or email, Documation captures orders from all incoming channels into one single stream.

Order data is extracted and validated and the results delivered to workflow for further processing if required. Finally, the order data is transferred automatically to your CRM and sales processing systems.

Project documents

The solution provides for any project related document to be captured – email, paper, fax format. Stored centrally documents can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the organisation or by third parties, customers and suppliers, and automatically routed according to process rules. Timeframes are monitored and overdue tasks escalated for attention.

Outgoing replies are collated by reference or content to provide conversation threads.

Operations & Logistics – full solution details
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