Spend wisely with Documation’s enhanced Purchasing solution

Purchasing solution has always been a powerful, flexible way for companies to streamline processing, control spend and reduce costs. Now companies can enjoy ever tighter control and cost savings thanks to Documation’s enhanced version of its Purchasing application.

Benefits of the upgrade
All companies need to control purchasing, whether they adopt a strict ‘no PO, no pay policy’ or not. The new enhancements focus on ease of use, increased visibility and control to transform day to day purchasing tasks.

Making life easy
Documation’s fully customisable Purchasing solution makes it easy for procurement and finance teams to control employee spend. Don’t want staff raising orders directly? No problem. The system can be set up to field basic order requirements to accounts teams for supplier and accounting codes. Happy for users to raise orders directly? Again, no problem. The system can ensure users can only buy goods and services from preferred suppliers. We’ve also enhanced the search function to make it easier for staff to search for goods (but only from approved suppliers!).

Benefits in a nutshell:

  • Fully customisable set-up
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Intelligent and automated GL coding options
  • Enhanced search function

“One of the best bits about the Purchasing solution is the ability to track the order as it’s being created, reviewed and authorised. The draft order document can be seen at every stage so it’s really clear what the supplier will receive. Other purchasing solutions just don’t provide the same clarity.” Documation customer

Giving greater control
Control measures have been enhanced with the Purchasing solution upgrade. The system can now be set to alert finance teams to purchase requests made by certain staff and departments or to particular suppliers so that QA can be performed. Teams can also ‘force’ a final review of order types, such as capital goods or those over a certain value. Users can also request an ad-hoc review of orders to gain a second opinion before committing to the supplier.

Further enhancements include the ability to mark PO requests as ‘confidential’ and viewable only by certain users. For instance, you may not want to widely publicise a recruitment campaign. Contract management also gets a boost with the option to select suppliers and the contract the purchase falls under. The system can also check the contract is both in date and that there is sufficient value in the contract before authorising the purchase.

Benefits in a nutshell:

  • Controlled purchase requests
  • Ad-hoc user review function
  • PO ‘confidential’ status option
  • Contract management – track contract spend

For an informal discussion or to request a demonstration of the new Purchasing solution contact Documation, call +44(0)23 8064 7776.