Business solution portfolio

A portfolio of standard templates for common business areas incorporates solutions ranging from document management and workflow for Accounts Payable and the purchase to pay cycle to streamlined processing for departments including Human Resources and Customer Services. Design via template means customers benefit from lower cost and fast implementation times, while solutions retain the flexibility to tailor key aspects to specific business requirements.

Delivering innovative and proven solutions, and incorporating best practice based on 20 years’ experience, we also create bespoke solutions for individual document-intensive processes.

Fast, efficient, straight-through processing

Solutions are designed to facilitate fast, efficient, straight-through processing for as many documents as possible and streamlined processing for exceptions – helping clients to improve efficiency, enhance visibility and control and reduce cost.

Connected to your world 

Documation’s solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with any line of business system, ERP, HR or CRM application, with documents accessed from and information delivered to anywhere you choose.

Flexible, modular platform 

Documation’s software is built on a modular platform with in-built flexibility and scalability, enabling customers to invest in components according to specific need and in further functionality and business solutions as requirements and corporate goals develop.

Setting phases for implementation

We recognise that each client’s requirements are unique and use a consultative approach to ensure that solutions are designed to meet individual need. The modular platform facilitates phased implementation with issues addressed according to priority, setting phases to see increasing benefit.